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1948 plan to divide Palestine and provide for a Jewish state.

There are 4 groups that are mentioned in the current context of Israel and competing Arab interests in the region. The following is an attempt to differentiate between the different factions.

holy land tours

dome of the rock in Jerusalem visited on holy land tours with the Holy Land Guru


It was established in 1964 in Jordan for the express purpose of destroying the then 16 year old Jewish state. Following the, from the Arab point of view, disastrous 1967 war when Jordan lost the West Bank and Old City of Jerusalem to Israel, the PLO organization gained a lot of power in Jordan to the point that they attempted to overthrow the Hashemite King Hussein and his Bedouin dominated army. Things came to a head in 1971 and the Jordanian Army crushed the PLO forces and expelled them from Jordan and they relocated to Southern Lebanon.arafat


This is a militant wing of the PLO that became the power base of Yasser Arafat and gained control over the PLO. It was known for its corruption as demonstrated by the enormous wealth secreted away in France and now enjoyed by the widow of the late Arafat.


This is a Sunni aligned movement formed in 1987 as an arm of the Arab Brotherhood of Egypt. Since 2007 when it won a majority in the Palestinian Parliament it has ruled Gaza. It is popular with the people there for its social services and for its apparent lack of corruption. Its goal is the destruction of Israel and the setting up of an Islamic State.


This is a Shiite faction supported by Iran that is strongly entrenched in Lebanon. Following the 1982 invasion of Lebanon by Israel sparked by PLO rocket fire into Israel, Hezbollah  gained power and set up a strong social services network there. Its stated goal is the destruction of the state of Israel and the establishment of an Islamic State like exists in Iran.

Dr Robert Grant has been going to the Middle East since 1967 and has watched the enormous change take place there. He hosts regular holy land tours to the lands of the Middle east for American and Canadian Christian groups. He has been to the Holy land more than 125 times over the past years. This has resulted in him being humorously designated the “Holy Land Guru”

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