For more than 40 years I have traveled frequently to the lands of the Bible. When I headed up the California Graduate School of Theology we made this experience part of the curriculum.

And now I have invested my full energies and time to building the website    holylandguru.com and promoting the opportunity for pastors, even those of  of smaller churches to be able to actually travel to the Holy Land.

All you need to cover most of your out of pocket is 5 friends traveling with you.

So WHY am I doing this?   The answer is BECAUSE.       Because actual real time spent in the Holy Land will take a good preacher/teacher and help make him a great preacher and teacher.

Many claim that 10 or 11 days in the Holy Land can be more beneficial than a year of seminary.     I concur.

And so my energies are NOW being focused on helping pastors (some for the first time) have this life changing experience and removing the obstacles that may stand in their path.

(1)   One of the main obstacles is the cost.     Most pastors cannot afford the expense. Neither could I when I took my first group from our church in California. Now by hosting a small group of friends (as few as 5 people) it is possible for most if not all of the cost of the journey to be covered for you.

(2)   Another obstacle is lack of experience.     One of the main obstacles for first time pastors seems to be a reluctance to invite people to travel to the Holy Land with them when they have not already had this experience themselves.

That is understandable      UNLESS!         And I am the “UNLESS”  FACTOR.      The solution is to travel on a departure when I am also  personally  going and when I can oversee everything for you. Like December 2014 or January 2015   for example. Other dates will also be offered.

When you travel with me, along with  your people, I will be personally overseeing every detail of the journey for you, and so your people are assured of a terrific time and you are not expected to do anything or know anything that you are not comfortable doing. And you can therefore maximize the value of the experience for yourself. That is what I want for you.

Currently through LinkedIn I am connected to well over 2000 pastors, most of whom, I suspect,  have never been to the Holy Land. Are you one of them? I want to change that.

This is something that you CAN do. It really is. And I will help you at every step along the way.

If you are interested email me at drrobertgrantphd@yahoo.com or call me at 386 447 9473.

I want to make this happen for you.

God bless.


Dr  Robert Grant aka The Holy Land Guru








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