I understand the role that MONEY plays in the field of archeology. Fortunes are made and reputations established by a major find particularly if it overturns accepted assumptions.

But what about POLITICS? I earlier wrote an article you can find when you like  Facebook.com/HolyLandGuru entitled “A strange pillar Jutting Out” that spoke of the recent discovery by an Israeli guide of a column jutting out of the ground when he was resting in the Arab village of Silwan (aka the City of David from 1000 BC) And that in a snapshot demonstrates the toxic mix: Archeological find AND Jewish guide AND Arab  village.

Well it has happened again. Israel Today (8/20/13) reports “a major Biblical Archeology find in the Judean hills is apparently being covered up by the government ” (Israeli government that is)

It is unusual to come across an archeological site that has not been disturbed. Why?

In the ancient world it was common to cannibalize old buildings for materials to be used in the construction of the newer buildings. So the possibility of uncovering a find that was not subjected to this destructive stress is remarkable in and of itself.

Seems the Israeli archeologists stumbled upon “an ancient ornate pillar” as they entered a cave in the wilderness. From the appearance of this ornate column it is thought that it may even go back to 1000 BC and to the time of King David himself. Because the site appears to be larrgely undisturbed they suspect that much more exists beneath the surface……perhaps the entire fortress.

One prominent archeologist, Yaron Rosenthal, surmised that “We appear to have a complete castle here………….Those who lived here after it did not know of its existence and thus, instead of using its stones to build a new structure as was the usual practice, left it intact”.

So what about the POLITICS?

Seems the Israeli Antiquities Authority has known of the existence of this find for more than a year but said nothing. So when Rosenthal approached them about excavating the site they hushed Rosenthal up because the find is located in territory claimed by the Palestinian Authority.

And here is the killer observation:”Uncovering a major and even unprecedented archeological site that solidifies the ancient Jewish presence in and control of these lands could upset the peace process”. Enough said.

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