Just Who is This “Holy Land Guru” Guy?

Let me introduce myself. I’m Bob Grant. A while back I laughed when a minister friend of mine  labeled me the “Holy Land Guru” for the first time. I had never thought of myself quite like that. He of course was referring to the fact that I have been traveling to the Holy Land for about 46 years, have gone there more than 125 times over these many years since, and taken thousands of friends with me. I guess that made me the “Holy Land Guru” to him. The name apparently has stuck.


My first step in becoming the so called  “Holy Land Guru” was in April 1967, just 19 years after the founding of the modern state of Israel, and only 6 weeks before the 6 Day War broke out when Israel was simultaneously attacked by Egypt, Jordan and Syria. That was a short war and Israel was victorious. That was also the occasion of my first journey to the Bible Lands.


My most recent journey being this past January 2016.





 2013 Trip to Israel, Jordan and Turkey


Over these many years we have taken thousands of Christian friends and hundreds of pastors with us to that intriguing part of the world. Judy and I would be pleased to share this experience with you if travel to the Holy Land is in your plans. If it is not in your plans now then, respectfully, let me suggest that it ought to be. This is the one great travel experience that you owe yourself. It will change your life forever.  Think about that.


Others offer “tours” to the Holy Land.   These are not hard to find.  However, we strongly believe that the combination of a life time of traveling to the Holy Land, my life experience as a pastor and Graduate School of Theology educator, and the special care we give our guests, makes a journey with us something above the ordinary.


My passion is The Holy Land. As such, my quest is to help deepen your understanding of the Bible Lands, help you realize just what it is like to travel there and spark your desire to go where Jesus was born, lived, died and rose again. By using our constantly updated web site, reading my blog posts and traveling to The Holy Land, you will feel the scales drop from your eyes as puzzling Bible passages now make sense to you.  The Bible will become more and more understandable through you physically and tangibly experiencing the people and places it tells us about.


I keep a constant eye and ear on the fascinating archaeological, cultural, spiritual, historical and political developments occurring in The Holy Land. The Lands of the Bible are precious to me, so you will note that I constantly update our blog posts so as to help inform you via insightful news of great interest. So I highly encourage you to bookmark our website in your “Favorites” file as well as visit my Facebook.com/HolyLandGuru  page.


Finally, let me tell you about the exciting future travel opportunities available to you as we return regularly to The Holy Land.  Consider inviting some of your friends to come along with you. We will give them a terrific time! Your decision could result in you being able to travel with us at no personal cost. We understand the financial realities of the typical minister. We have the perfect solution.

In 2018, we will be returning to The Holy Land in January. Perhaps you might like to consider accompanying us. Space is available on a first come basis for this journey. If the past is any indication of the future, space is expected to fill up rather quickly. More information and details can be found by clicking here or visiting our Travel Opportunities page.


Please feel free to contact me personally at my home office in Florida at (386) 447-9473 if you have any questions whatsoever. Alternatively, my email is drrobertgrantphd@yahoo.comYour choice! I look forward to speaking with you.


God bless you,


Dr. Bob and Judy Grant




Dr. Bob, as many people call him, was born in Canada and moved to the United States to further his education. He graduated from the St Paul Bible College (now Crown College) with a degree in Bible. He then went on to Wheaton College (where Billy Graham went) where he earned his BA in history.


From there he went to Fuller Theological Seminary and earned his M. Div. degree.  At that time he was also the co-pastor of a large interdenominational Community Church in California and was also one of the 2  principals in the establishment of the California Graduate School of Theology from which he later earned his PhD and was recently honored by the Graduate School with a DD degree.


In 1967 Dr. Bob began escorting American Church groups to the Holy Land, going to Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Syria and parts of Europe. Because of his success in doing this with thousands of friends joining him, and hundreds of ministers of many denominations bringing groups from their churches, he was appointed Vice President of a major travel firm that then was the largest in the world in this specialized form of travel. His focus was concentrating on organizing pastor-led church groups from various denominations to travel to the Holy Land. He did this extensively for more than 25 years.


His most recent journey to the Bible Lands was in January of 2016. In 1983  Dr. Grant became a proud, naturalized American citizen, and in 1985 he and Judy were married.



Bob is well known for his knowledge of the lands of the Bible and for his ability to teach the Bible in an interesting and contemporary manner. If you travel with Dr. Bob and Judy you will have a very special experience that many describe as life changing.  You may start out as a stranger but will quickly become a friend and traveling companion, known to the Grants by your own name.



The “Holy Land Guru” and Judy make their home in Palm Coast Florida where, when he can, Dr. Bob enjoys traveling the waterways of Florida in his old salvaged 40’ diesel trawler and preparing for the next special opportunity to take friends to the Bible Lands and see their lives changed forever.


A journey with the “Holy Land Guru” is a very special experience because of Bob’s personal commitment to make this, once in a lifetime experience, the very best it can possibly be for you, when you travel with him.

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