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When you travel to the Holy Land with the “Holy Land Guru”, we want you to be thoroughly prepared in advance. That’s where this special place we call “GURU U” comes into play for you. Nothing here that is stuffy, overly demanding, preachy or boring we hope. Just some great pre-travel educational content at your disposal that we believe will enhance your Holy Land trip.


With that in mind Dr. Bob has prepared a series of original, special seminars that you can access free, whenever you feel like learning more about the experience ahead.  In these seminars and elsewhere on this site, we will cover everything that is important for you to know as you prepare to travel.  These seminars will also enable you, later on, to understand better what you will learn over there.

Free Holy Land Education material


This series of brief, free seminars, is designed to uniquely prepare you for your journey to the Bible Lands. The good news is, in this “university” there is no tuition, no class schedule, no required note taking, no late night cramming, and best of all, no grading.  Just fun, informative learning. More Seminars will be added from time to time, so please be sure to check here frequently. And lastly, there is only one professor…me.


Note: This material is written especially with the layman in mind, not professional theologians who have many sources they can go to. So dig in.



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