Is it Travel Safe Mr. Guru?


QuestionSeriously now …..what does the “Holy Land Guru” have to say about the safety of traveling to the Holy Land?


Answer: I have been there so many times as you already know, and I have yet to hear a gun go off or ever feel any sense of danger or fear.  That is a fact.


Every time, almost without exception, that I have left for the Holy Land with a group of friends, the papers and the TV have carried reports of  trouble there and incidents that occurred. The result is that some who were traveling with me, have bowed out due to fear. This was true on the most recent journey in February 2013.  Some well meaning but poorly informed relatives had persuaded some of our traveling friends  that they were taking a great risk when going to the lands of the Bible. And they bowed to the pressure. They would not listen to my advice.

So what is the truth?

truth is free


There is no absolutely safe place on earth. None. But having said that I must add that, in my opinion, you are not taking a foolish risk when you travel to Israel. It is no different than New York City, Boston, London, Paris, Chicago, Los Angeles or Miami. The truth is, if you are going to wait until it is completely peaceful in the Holy Land before you have this experience, then you are probably never going to go there, as this elusive state of peace probably will not occur in our life time. Probably the most dangerous part of the trip will be your taxi ride in New York City on the way to the airport.


What really happens on the ground in the Holy Land is, if there is a particular place of uncertainty or tension,  groups traveling avoid such places and continue on their way safely and unhindered. Consider the logical fact that the local Israeli and Arab guides and bus drivers value their own lives and are not about to take undue risk. They want to go home to their wives and families. The bus companies value their $200,000+  buses greatly and are not going to recklessly put them at risk. And the airlines are sure not about to risk their expensive airplanes foolishly.

SafetySelf interest on the part of everyone that has an interest in your visit there, is committed to your safety. Now doesn’t that make sense? During the 65 year existence of the modern state of Israel there have been a few wars: 1948, the war of independence, and 1967, the 6 day war, and again in 1982 with the Lebanon war against the PLO and again in 1983 with the Yom Kippur war.

Could there be another war there sometime? Yes of course and if that were to happen, the US State Department would officially forbid Americans to go there and, having done that, your optionally purchased Travel Insurance should probably step in to protect your payment and provide a refund.  In such cases we would try to reschedule the departure date.





So if you are considering traveling with the “Holy Land Guru” and Judy in 2014, do not let anyone, well meaning though they may be, cheat you out of this extraordinary experience. And, Oh by the way, I do not have a death wish and am not about to foolishly rush into danger.




Our woofer Foxy or “Little Fatto” our 8 lb cat in a 17 lb body, would never forgive me if I allowed something to happen to their ‘Mother”.


Ya’ll come along in 2016.


welcome to Israel

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