Is a journey to the Holy Land on your Bucket List?

If yes, be our guest and travel to  the Holy Land virtually FREE with as few as 4 people accompanying you.

dome of the rock

dome of the rock


This information is directed specifically to those who, because they are pastors or teachers, have the opportunity to offer this journey to their church members and friends.

Some pastors or teachers who may read this information may have already been to the Holy Land. They should go again if they can. Some perhaps many times. These will probably be the exception as only a relative few pastors have had this valuable experience.

If you are like most  pastors/teachers who will read this information you probably have never been to the Holy Land and you  have probably been thinking about going there perhaps for a long time but, for whatever reason, have not followed through with this decision.

So important question: Would this be your first journey to the Holy Land?

slide_17Let me guess.
You’ve thought about this before but perhaps your decision to delay this experience has been that it seemed unsettling to take on the task of leading people from your church on this journey without having first been there already yourself.

I understand that concern.

Let me set your first-timer mind at rest.

When I first went to the Holy Land I had never traveled outside of the country and I took a bus load of people from our Glendale California church there in 1967 and we had a terrific time. How was that possible?

I was able to lean on the expertise of the fine guides that we employed. They more than made up for my lack of experience, and everyone had a grand time.

Having said that let me now suggest an alternative plan

for pastors planning their first trip to the Holy Land

that should relieve their anxiety.

Consider traveling with me on a date when we are already  traveling and let me take care of your concerns and oversee all of the details of the journey for you and your people so that you can then sit back and enjoy it to the full yourself, along with your people, knowing that this burden has been taken over by me. If you will do this I will personally see to it that you and your people have a grand time.

Fair enough?

What about the cost of the trip for pastors? 

We fully understand that it is usually not financially possible for pastors to be able to pay for such a journey.
That is sad as they are the very ones who would gain the most from going to the lands of the Bible.
Such an experience will greatly enhance their preaching and teaching ability for years to come.
Most churches are not known for overpaying their pastors.

Question: Is this really something that you want to do?

Is the answer yes?
If so then here is the first simple step for you to take towards realizing that dream.

Think for a few minutes and write down the names of people that you think just might be interested in going to the Holy Land . Include on that list family members, and present and former church members and friends and business contacts.    Also understand that you may well be surprised to learn who will actually go with you and it may be people that you never expected to go.  Hard to predict this.

If your list has as few as  4 people on it then this is something that you can do . It really is. And once you have announced your plans you will probably be amazed at who actually shows interest in accompanying you.
Let me help you launch this effort. It is easy to do.

Over the years I have come to passionately believe that a journey to the Bible lands is absolutely essential for anyone who is actually teaching the Bible.
Not optional but essential.

As a young pastor just starting out, I first traveled to the Holy Land in 1967.  I was only able to go because I was willing to host a group of people from our church.  I found that the travel company was willing to send me as their host at no personal cost to me.  That was really good because otherwise I could not have afforded to go.

But equally important was the fact that the travel company was able to provide this for me, while yet not inflating the cost of the journey to the people that traveled with me.
That was an important ethical concern for me.

Well how is that possible you might ask?  Because the company I first went with then and Journeys Unlimited I now travel with, does not pay travel agency commissions on these special hosted journeys and so is able to convert that expense into underwriting the travel opportunities of the pastor, who, by his willingness to host his people, makes it possible for them to go.
With as few as 4 people traveling with you (with only 8 your wife is also covered) the bulk of your expenses can actually be covered   for you from the departure point of the journey which is  New York City.

So if you are a pastor or group leader and you are interested in bringing some people from your church either with me on our 2018 departure (see below) or on one of the many other available dates and itineraries, please call me personally at my home in Florida , ask for Bob, and let’s talk at 386 447-9473 or email me at drrobertgrantpthd@yahoo.com and I will get in touch with you.

This is an experience that you really ought to have. You really should!

IF you want to travel with me in 2018:

10 Day BIBLE LAND PILGRIMAGE with Dr. Robert “The Holy Land Guru” Grant, Phd. to the State of Israel.

After you have examined the trip as described, next please email me at drrobertgrantphd@yahoo.com or call me at 386 447 9473 and I will be pleased to arrange for a brochure to be sent to you and answer any questions that you may have.

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