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During the past 46 yearfs Dr Robert Grant has been ot the Holy land about 125 times. He regularly takes friends there

Dr Grant’s more than 125 journeys to the Holy land

It must be confusing if you are a pastor and you are wanting to go to the Holy Land.  You start your search and you come up with a long list of travel companies offering to arrange the trip to the Holy Land for you.

How are you supposed to make an informed choice?

Let me help  you sort this out

holy land tour vistis Petra

Herod’s mother was an Idumean and came from Petra


There is an endless variety of Holy Land tours. They are each shaped by the orientation (secular or religious) of the company that has planned them and put the pieces together.

To a lesser degree they may also reflect the expectations of the people going on them and by the ability of the tour company to meet those expectations as well as the expertise of the travel company.



For example If you are a rather secular Jew and you want to visit Israel you are going to expect to see quite a different Israel than if you are a devout Christian.

And if you are a Messianic Jew you will have completely different expectations than your more liberal Jewish friends. 

And if you are an evangelical Christian you are going to want still other emphasis to the journey

holy land tour with the Holy Land Guru

Huge Herodion stones placed in the wall.

And so the mind set of the company operating your tour for you is important.

Do they understand what it is you hope to accomplish on your tour? How long have they been in the business?

Do they really understand where you are coming from religiously?

Often as I have observed, well meaning persons who have been to the Holy Land a few times catch fire and come to the conclusion that they can do it better than anyone else and so they set up their own little company and begin to offer tours.That may be fine but Ooops the time may come when they may not be up to the task

Be aware. That part of he world is unstable and you want to be sure that the people operating your tour have had the experience of dealing with that area of the world over an extended period of time.

So this may help to narrow down the field for you to those companies that have a history and have the orientation and knowledge of what you want to accomplish with your journey and the sensitivity to your particular religious commitment. Note: Because a company is big and advertises widely or has fancy brochures in Travel Agencies, does not mean they are the correct fit for you

Also many of the tour choices you will see when you search this topic will include a large number of prominent religious personalities attaching their names to a given tour.

What does that mean? Usually it means that they will make a few appearances, give their remarks and then often disappear from the scene. Nothing wrong with that as long as you understand that this is what their participation amounts to. 

holy land tours

Dr Robert Grant the Holy Land Guru

Time now for some unabashed self promotion.

If you were to decide to travel with the Holy land Guru you will get my hands on 24 hour a day throughout the entire journey oversight of the journey. We will meet in New York and we will return to New York together.

You get the on-the-site Biblical applications of the places that you are visiting from me daily and so receive help in the connecting of the dots.

You get the benefits of my 125 journeys there over a 46 year period of time that I am openly  free to admit adds additional value to the journey.

If you are a Bible believing person and you want to experience the Holy Land in a way so as to enhance your understanding of the Bible and your knowledge of Jesus then that will be my focus for you during the days we spend together traveling about.

And you will also find competitive pricing and quality arrangements. So if you are among the majority of pastors who have not yet had this incredible experience I strongly encourage you to make this journey available to your church members and friends and travel with me next year.

BTW Journeys Unlimited is the company I use for all of our arrangements. I have used the services of their principals, Nick Mancino and Ray Masillo over my entire 46 years traveling to the Holy land, and between the  3 of us we share over 125 years of experience doing this for Christian groups.

You can call me at home 386 447 9473 if you have any questions.

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Have a blessed life.

Bob Grant aka The Holy Land Guru

holy land tour with the Holy Land Guru

Dr Robert Grant with the 2013 Holy land tour group