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In 1967 following the war that brought Jerusalem under Jewish control, the Israeli archeologists began excavating at the Southern wall of the Temple Mount (which is  also the Southern wall of the city too) and they uncovered an enormous flight of stairs that led up from the Ophal Valley to the South and the Pool of Siloam, into the Temple through a set of gates.

This well preserved flight of steps would have been used by Jesus and the Disciples as they entered the temple on feast days.

Much of the present day gates at the top of the stairs, ( some from the time of Herod and some from a later time,) are walled up. Limited access is available into the Temple Mount at this point but the good news is that, once inside, the original ceilings and walls appear just as they did when Jesus walked that way.

This section survived the almost total destructions caused by the Romans in 70 AD. It is however difficult to gain access to the inside section of this discovery as access is controlled by the Muslim authorities and is rarely granted.

Dr Robert Grant has been traveling to the Middle East for more than 46 years and has been there more than 125 times as he has taken groups of friends there on holy land tours. As a result he had been designated the holy land guru by some much to his amusement.