Jordan River


Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee

boat on Sea of Galilee

boat on Sea of Galilee

Israel is a land of constant discovery and an archaeologist’s virtual play pen.

Science in the service of archaeology is now being demonstrated at the Sea of Galilee where, using sonar technology, a huge stone structure has recently been discovered under the water.
It appears to be about 230’ in diameter and about 39’ tall and is located about 40’ under the present water level.

What it is and who built it and when it was built is a subject of much conjecture at this point. Opinions vary as to its age from as much as 6000 years to “several thousand years”.
Having been on the Sea of Galilee many times over the years it is interesting to note how close we were to this massive yet then unknown structure.
It is constructed of basalt stone, the volcanic stone that is seen everywhere in the Galilee region. This,as a result of the region occupying a major geologic fault that has been subject to volcanic activity for many thousands of years.  

But What Is It?

According to Science Daily 6/10/13 “The team of researchers initially set out to uncover the origins of alluvium pebbles found in this area of the Sea of Galilee, which they believe were deposited by the ancient Yavniel Creek, a precursor to the Jordan River, south of the Sea of Galilee. While using sonar…..they observed a massive pile of stones in the midst of the otherwise smooth basin.”

When this mysterious structure was originally built it apparently was on dry land. Its present location under the water may have been a result of geologic shifting

It is located about 1500’ from the South West shore of the Sea.
The cost of excavating sites in the Middle East is always expensive and especially so if they are under water. This will be the first such under water site to be investigated in the Sea of Galilee when funding is finally secured. In the meantime ”the researchers plan to organize a specialized underwater excavations team to learn more about the origins of the structure, including the surface the structure was built on”.

Just one more mystery to be solved in this land full of mysteries and wonder.

Dr. Robert Grant has been taking to the holy land tours for more than 46 years and has been there more than 125 times while hosting groups of his friends on holy land tours. As a result he has been acclaimed  The Holy Land Guru much to his amusement.