national geographic

We can know much more than you may assume.

The answer to that question is “yes, we can know a lot” thanks to modern technology including the revolutionary 3D printer combined with operational skills.

Now skilled technical people can take a skull recovered from the grave that is  dated to the time of Jesus and actually reconstruct with some accuracy what that person looked like with skin on.

Credit goes to National Geographic and their special for this report. This is yet another example of how the Holy Land Guru site is trying to keep our friends up to speed on all  things related to the Bible lands. We are scheduled for 2 return departures in 2014 and invite you to consider traveling on our personally escorted holy land tours. Special arrangements for pastors are available. Please let us know of your interest. You can call me at home if you wish and I will be happy to take your call at 386 447 9473 and thanks

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