Since this present US Administration took office it has been abundantly clear that Barack Obama is a prejudiced man .

And that prejudice runs counter to America’s historic commitment that has consistently viewed the State of Israel as a necessary and valued ally in the Middle East.

While understanding that countries do not have “friends”, they mainly have interests, a safe Israel has always been viewed as clearly among our US national interests.

Most American Presidents and Administrations have recognized that fact and have supported Israel, often standing alone in that endeavor in the UN.

But to many in the world, the very existence of the Jewish State is the cause of tension and war and to them, it would be a good thing if the state of Israel no longer existed.
Its demise would remove a constant irritant that has the Arabs so angry and aggressive.

Does Obama believe that?

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Huge Herodion stones placed in the western wall built by Herod the Great at the time of Jesus.










President Obama’s presumed mind set in this matter is perhaps understandable.

Consider the following: Mr. Obama’s family roots are in the Muslim world and his personal emotional attachment is clearly to Islam, from his father’s influence and from his years living in the Muslim world and from soaking up that culture to the point that the sound of the Islamic call to prayer is, as he admitted, one of “the most beautiful sounds” in the world to him.

If you were to be able to peal back the layers of the onion so to speak, I suspect that this is what you find inside the American President.

That personal sentiment/ pre judging, has been on display since Obama took office beginning with his “apology tour” to the Muslim world, his cow towing to the Saudi leader, his dissing of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on several occasions, and his strong reluctance to visit the Jewish State.










It took until 2012 for him, under political pressure from the largely Democrat American Jewish lobby, to actually go to Israel and see for himself the absurdity of a peace plan that requires strategic suicide on the part of Israel and an eventual guarantee, one day. of the refighting, of the 1967 war all over again.

Fact: The Arab world has never accepted the existence of the State of Israel and is still committed to its extinction either through the so called “right of return” that would open her borders to her Arab neighbors and would result in the Jews becoming an instant minority in their own state, OR, by war, perhaps the largely preferred way.

Now Mr. Obama’s emotional attraction to the Arab side is playing out geo-politically in his commitment to a “Peace Process” designed to force/convince/entice/bribe Israel to return to the early 1967 borders that existed prior to the 6 Day War.
John Kerry, US Secretary of State, is there as I write pursuing that goal.

This American/European pressure on Israel to give up this hard won land has been on display since 1967 and, if implemented, would result in the eventual destruction of the Jewish State and a possible 2nd holocaust.
Consider that carefully.
Not so farfetched.

If you had been there with me on one of my Holy land tours you would understand why this plan will never be implemented.
Israel will never voluntarily give up the “West Bank” as it is known.
To do so, would be strategic suicide.

A brief lesson in geography and in history is in order.

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1948 plan to divide Palestine and provide for a Jewish state












I took my first of now 125 holy land tours in 1967, 19 short years after the establishment of the State of Israel and only 6 short weeks prior to the outbreak of the important 6 Day War.

I remember vividly the Middle East as it was then.

The Jewish State came into existence in 1948 as the fulfillment of a plan to provide a safe place, a Jewish State, for survivors of the European holocaust.

In 1948, the area we now call Israel was a state-less area, still administered by Great Britain after the dissolution of the Turkish Ottoman Empire at the end of World War One.

Its national roots were laid earlier when a British politician named Lord Balfour created a formal plan called the Balfour Declaration that declared it was Great Britain’s intention to establish a Jewish state somewhere in the land they then administered that had formerly, prior to World War One, been part of the now long gone Ottoman Empire.

Jews had already lived in that part of the world for thousands of years and had come in large numbers during the previous 150 years to escape the pogroms of Russia and Eastern Europe.
As a result of a wave of Zionist inspired “aliyah” imigrations from Europe, their numbers there 9in this part of the former Ottoman Empire had steadily grown. (For more information see blogs at my website holylandguru,com).

The land allotted to Israel by the UN in 1948 was small and indefensible to the max.

The bulk of the partitioned land went to Jordan and so, Immediately upon the official declaration of the existence of the State of Israel by the UN, war broke out and its now citizens were forced to fight to the death against the numerically stronger Arab side as the “War of Independence” commenced.

Israel’s survival did not gain much hope internationally.

It then seemed inevitable that Israel would be destroyed by its Arab neighbors.

Much to surprise of the world, Israel prevailed, won the conflict, and pushed the borders back thus strengthening their position……. but not by much.

And that was the reality when I first visited both sides of that border on my first of now 125 Holy Land tours.

When I took this 1st holy land tour in 1967, Israel was only about 10 miles wide at one point and the entire West side of the Jordan River, including the Old City of Jerusalem was under the control of Jordan (See www.holylandguru.com for a detailed account of that journey and my observations then)

In 1967, under the prodding of Egyptian strong man Gamal Abdul Nasser,the combined forces of the Arab side simultaneously attacked Israel from 3 sides, shortly after I returned from my first holy land tour.

Again the Jewish State was faced with annihilation and another holocaust.

The huge well trained and equipped Egyptian army with hundreds of tanks, flooded across the Suez Canal into the Sinai from the South, and the disciplined Jordanian army came from the East while the Syrian forces attacked from the North East .

Nothing short of a miracle and remarkable courage prevented a massacre and the end of the small State of Israel.

This lop sided conflict, resulted in a massive victory for the greatly outnumbered Jewish forces.

The decisive defeat by Israel of all of these Arab armies resulted in the borders of Israel being dramatically pushed South all the way to the Suez Canal and to the Jordan River to the East, and to the backside of the Golan Heights to the North East.

By mid June 1967 Israel finally had achieved clearly defined and defensible borders.

At the very same time, international pressure began to be exerted on Israel to give up the land the Arabs had lost during the 6
days of war, and to return to the former pre 1967 borders as though there had not even been a war.

That pressure on Israel continues today and at an increasing rate under the Obama Administration.

The US has great influence in Israel because of the historic financial and military support we have given them over the years.
At the same time we have also poured billions into the Arab side.
Such is the insanity of American foreign policy.

Israel depends upon the support of the US for its existence and so when an American Administration tries to muscle policy that is detrimental to Israel’s survival they are placed in an impossible situation.

They must try to balance their need to defend themselves in the midst of a hostile Arab sea
alienating the only historic supporter they have had, the United States of America.

And so the diplomatic struggle between Israel and the US proceeds with Secretary of State John Kerry wielding both the carrot and the stick and with the Arab world looking on.

The players have all seen this movie before but not with an American President so clearly prejudiced to the Arab side..

One thing Israel understands is that it cannot trust the United States to serve Israel’s interests.
It must in the final analysis, look to its own survival, regardless of what inducements Kerry and Obama may push that serve their own interests.
Clearly there is a conflict of interests afoot here.









The author, Dr. Robert Grant has frequently been to the Middle East, taking American church groups there, about 125 times over the past 46 years and is a keen observer of the region.
He encourages American pastors to bring members of their congregations with them and to, in the process, be able to have this Bible inspiring journey, at no personal cost to them.
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